1. above, on top of, atop of; higher than, in or to or at a higher place than, aloft of; over the top of, on, upon.
2. across, on or to the other or opposite side of, from one side to the other of; through, by way or means of.
3. superior to, higher in authority than, more elevated than, loftier than, mightier than, more powerful than; in charge or control or command of, as boss or supervisor of or to.
4. all over, all through, throughout, through the extent of, everywhere in, in all places of; around, here and there in.
5. more than, greater than, larger than; beyond, upward of, surpassing, overpassing, exceeding, transcending; in excess of, exceeding, in surplus of, over and above, over and beyond.
6. in comparison to, compared to, relative to, in relation to, in respect to; about, on, on the subject of, concerning, regarding, as regards, in reference to, apropos of, touching, on, in connection with.
7. in preference to, rather than, instead of; before, before taking, ahead of, sooner than.
8. during, for the duration of, for the extent of, for the period or course of, until the end of, pending the outcome of; while doing or engaged in or occupied with or busy with, in the thick of, in the middle or midst of, midway through or in, halfway through.
9. over and above
in addition to, on top of, as well as, along or together with, plus; also, besides, further, furthermore, not to mention, let alone.
10. above, overhead, over one's head, aloft, on or at or in a high place, at a height; out, over, beyond, out from, projecting or protruding from, sticking out of, overhanging from.
11. all over, everywhere, over the entire surface; on top of, so as to cover.
12. over there, in that direction; down by, up by, over by, around, near, close to; across the way, way over there, at some distance.
13. across, on the other side, to the other or opposite side, from one side to the other.
14. through, all the way through, from beginning to end, from cover to cover, from one end to the other, from end to end, from stem to stern, from top to bottom, from head to foot; throughout, all over, thoroughly, entirely, completely.
15. from one to another, from hand to hand; to another, to someone else, to [s.o.].
16. down, off its feet, to the ground, upside down, topsy-turvy, head over heels; inversely, in reverse, to the other or opposite side, wrong side up, flip side up.
17. again, once again, once more, one more time, Fr. encore; afresh, anew, from the top or beginning; in succession, in repetition, one after the other.
18. in excess, too much, extra; left over, as a remainder, remaining; as well, too, else, plus, to boot, in addition; beyond, on the side, in the bargain or deal, as a tip, to grow on, for good luck.
19. all over or all over with, finished, concluded, through, done; ended, terminated, stopped, Inf. done for, Sl. kaput.
20. over and over
repeatedly, often, many times, several times, again and again, time and time again, time and again.
21. uppermost, topmost, highest; top, high, lofty.
22. superior, higher up, higher, greater, better; foremost, outranking, ranking, head, leading; supervisory, managerial, administrative; controlling, commanding, dominant.
23. outer, outside, external, exterior, top, upper; protective, covering, warm, heavy, waterproof; outdoor, cold-weather, winter, snow.
24. leftover, left, residual, remaining, outstanding, still to go; extra, additional, in addition, in excess, spare, reserve; surplus, superfluous, accessory, ancillary, supplementary, odd, unused, unneeded.
25. finished, concluded, done, completed, through; ended, at an end, stopped, terminated; on the way out, run out, Inf. all up, Inf. done for, Sl. kaput; past, gone, bygone, all gone, gone by; out of existence, no more, extinct, dead, departed, no longer with us.

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